Who You Ridin’ With? 

“Imagine a future moment in your life, where all of your dreams come true. You know it’s the greatest moment of your life, and you get to experience it with one person. Who’s standing next to you?” -One Tree Hill
I heard this #quote long ago. Since then, I periodically ask myself this #question when I’m coming up on a big #moment in my life. The time has come for me to ask this question again…this time with absolute seriousness and intense self reflection , because I know that not everyone who is in my life presently, can go with me where God is taking me.

Over the past few years, I stopped chasing people and friendships. I realized what I’m worth, that I’m just as important; and that I definitely don’t have the time, or the desire, to run after people and prove that. Since then I started asking a different question…because now I’m asking someone else for the answer. Simple as could be… “Father, who is standing with me ? And just like that, peace came, and the worry left. And a clarity like I have never before experienced, flooded my vision. #GodsGotThis Regardless of what I thought I wanted, I have an overwhelming realization that those who are supposed to be standing with me, will be. That those who have the same heart, and the same vision, will clearly be going the same direction. That doors don’t need to be banged on repeatedly with no answer, and that relationships shouldn’t have to be forced. That just because something is good, doesn’t mean it’s God’s best for me. 

Not everything that glimmers, is true gold. Some of it is just fool’s gold, or imitation glitter…shiny as can be, but worth very little. @LauraPLytle

  Regardless of what I thought I wanted, it always pales in comparison to what my loving Father actually has for me. That it would benefit me absolutely nothing to gain all the fame, money, prestige, and beauty that this World has to offer; at the expense of my soul. My soul that is submitted completely to God and His divine purpose for my life. My soul that comes alive when helping those who have nothing to offer me in return. And I start to really see it…that the doors my Father opens for me, NO ONE can shut. And that the ones He closes, must remain closed. I have an overwhelming realization that those who are supposed to be standing with me, will be. Not just when what I am doing benefits them, but just simply because God knew me before I was formed in my mother’s womb…meaning He also knew who I would marry, what friends I would have, and how these people would be divinely connected to fulfilling His purpose for my life. I thought long and hard about my relationships. 

Think about those who you call “friends”. Are they truly going to stand with you, no matter where your journey takes you? Some of them are still asking you where you’re going, and confused about the directions. Do not let other people try to lead you on a different journey, than the one the Father already told you to go on. 

If they can’t seem to see the map on your GPS, maybe it’s because they aren’t really in your car! Maybe they are in a completely different vehicle, traveling down a completely different road, on the other side of the world! @LauraPLytle

They might be able to see the current screen of your GPS from their vantage point in the car next to you, but do they truly know the ultimate destination that God has set before you? @LauraPLytle

Maybe they were even in your car at some point, but where are they now? And where will they be in the future? You cannot get where you’re going, if you keep looking backwards! You can’t clearly hear His voice, if you’re busy listening to theirs. And though the plans they have for you might be good in theory, are they truly the plans that God has ordained for you? 

Whether they were in your car and chose to get out; because of selfish reasons, or because God had something totally different for them…they got out. And whether they were just walking in circles admiring it from the outside, or talked and talked about how much they wanted to go with you…they never got in. And it makes absolutely no difference. What matters is who is still sitting next to you. Or who God brought to you somewhere along the way, who got in, and never got out. But even so, make sure you look at who is riding with you. Did God put them there…or did you? Are they just there out of familiarity of comfort? Are they co-piloting….helping you along…and chipping in for gas? Or are they just a hitchhiker enjoying the view and the free ride; ready to jump out at their own destination? Did they help you push, when the car stalled? Did they offer to drive for a little while, so that you could rest? Or did they just sit in the passengers seat, complaining about how broke down your car is, and how you were gonna be late??

If you’re getting ready to step into your destiny; before you push the petal to the metal and race toward your destination (which is now FINALLY in sight!) ….MAKE SURE that your “friends” aren’t putting sugar in your gas tank when you aren’t looking. Make sure that your relationships were ordained by God, and not by popular opinion, fleshly desires, and monitary value. And make sure that they don’t encourage you to leave your #rideordie friends standing on the side of the road, because they want to fill your car with pretty faces, and cool toys. Ask the Father who He wants to go with you.

 You may not know how much certain people pray for you, and how little others do. But your Father God knows! True love prays. @LauraPLytle

And Your Father knows what He’s doing. Maybe he’s got a mechanic, a doctor, a battery charger, and a DJ to roll with you. Don’t slash your own tires, by taking a battery draining, car smashing, wire cutting, music hatin fool with you.

Trusting the Father means trusting His timing, His process, and His instructions. One mile of obedience will do more for you than 100 miles of sacrifice…because if you just do what He tells you to do, you won’t be 100 miles off track to start with. His will, His way, His timing. Stop staring in the rear view mirror, and keep your eyes on Him. Stop focus on the glitz, the glame, and the fame. Focus on furthering His kingdom, and affecting this World for His glory. Your mind can’t be on the things of this World, AND wholeheartedly seeking the Kingdom of God first. 

Guard your heart like a ninja. Not everyone deserves access to it. Not everyone has a heart like yours. You have to protect your anointing.  @LauraPLytle 

And trust God to show you who you should be ridin’ with. Only He can get you where you need to be, when you need to be there, with the right crew rollin with you. 


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