What Do You Hope For?…ANOTHER “Dear Future Husband post!” 🙄

For the sake of this blog post, I’m going to assume that there are only two kinds of people in the World…the people who get it, and the people who don’t. (I’m not here to debate whether that is “factual or not”, I’m just stating it as a reference for this post.) The first set of people actually receive and live out the abundant life that Jesus died to give us. And then there are the second set…the ones who sit around trying to silence the ones who are actually living out the abundant life that Jesus died to give us; so that they can remain in their comfortable dysfunction, never having to actually believe God for anything. The result of the second batch, is an entire culture of “Christians”, that live their lives in a completely self reliant way. And on the surface, that might seem like the way to go. Because who doesn’t want to be able to take care of themselves, pay their own bills, have their own answers, not relying on anyone else at all. Independence. It’s safe, it’s popular, and it’s comfortable. But I’m betting that, that’s exactly what the devil is counting on…us choosing a life that’s safe, popular, and comfortable.

The problem is…our comfort does not ensure God’s glory. Our faith and obedience does. And God has not called us to be self-reliant, but completely reliant on Him. @LauraPLytle

That’s not to say that everyone should go quit their jobs, sell their homes, and go back-packing to the ends of the Earth; only eating off the land, and having no contact with the World. That would make spreading the Gospel fairly difficult in most instances. But are we limiting ourselves to only what we can see or accomplish in our own strength, and trying to force others into conformity?

About 8 years ago, I started writing “Dear Future Husband” posts. At first the response from those I knew, was for the most part, positive. “Oh how cute.” and “That’s so sweet.” But then a few years came and went, and I was still writing them…still unmarried. The responses started to change a bit; and I started hearing things like, “Oh, don’t worry! I’m sure God will send you someone SOON.” It was hard to ignore the urgency in such responses. A heavy hint of doubt, mixed with a general “if it doesn’t happen soon, it isn’t going to happen at all.” The thing is, I wasn’t doubting, or in any kind of hurry. I was just being obedient to my Father…waiting and praying for the one that He has for me. To anyone who actually knew my history, the fact that I was even waiting, or praying, or believing that I deserved such a wonderful man…was all a miracle in and of itself. So, they were happy to encourage me in this new endeavor…for awhile at least. After about 5 years, the responses were more like, “Well, you gave it a really good go. Maybe your standards are a bit too high.” Still I refused to lower my standards and settle.

Around the 7 year mark, I started getting a very different response all together (From people that I actually know, that is. The response from other reads and followers has always been positive. Many singles have even taken the time to let me know how encouraging the posts are. ) I started to get messages and comments that read about as clear as an annoyed eye-roll…”Are you seriously still doing that?” or “Here we go again…ANOTHER #DearFutureHusband post”. At first the response was puzzling to me, because it was coming from “Christian” women. If anything, you’d think that they would be cheering on a sister in Christ for what she is believing for. But I was seeing unfollow after unfollow, eye-roll after eye-roll…because the idea of waiting and believing God for a Godly future husband (no matter how long it takes for Him to bring him) , and writing to him before I even know his favorite color… is apparently absurd. But what if it’s not?

I quickly began to realize that what I was waiting and praying for, was nothing like what I was watching the Christian women around me settle for. I wanted the love story that my Father was writing for ME…nothing more, nothing less, and nothing else. And I didn’t just want it for my future marriage….I wanted God’s perfect will for every single area of my life. But I was starting to see, that not everyone shares that desire. Many still want what is safe, popular, and comfortable…and they will go to great lengths to get it.

I thought about giving up a few times, but then I saw who else was watching me. The other women and girls, who at many times struggle to believe that God even has a best for them, just like I did. The men that are settling for toxic and abusive relationships, because they’ve never seen anything else. An entire generation of grown adults, that have absolutely no idea who they are, or what being a Son or Daughter of God actually means. And I have to ask the question:

What if the messages that we keep trying to silence, are the very messages that the World needs to hear? @LauraPLytle

I was reading a really great article earlier…and the writer was talking about being unfriended or unfollowed, because he was told that he needs to “tone done all the Jesus talk.” He ended the article with this,

“So please don’t ask me why I write about God. Ask me why I ever write about anything else.” -Matt Walsh

I have to agree. Why shouldn’t I talk about God; the things He’s doing in my life, the journey He has me on, and the things that I’m believing Him for? Aren’t those the very reasons that the stories in the Bible come alive to us…because they are real, and we can relate to them?

I mean, most of us are the very same about our faith in some way or another…as some of the haters have been about my #DearFutureHusband posts. We want to believe for things that we can accomplish on our own, without God, and call it “faith”. We want to believe as long as it doesn’t make us uncomfortable or take too long. Or we want God to show us the entirety of the promise, before we will even believe for it at all. And if it looks like God might not come through; that our spouse will always be unbelieving,the illness might not get healed right there on the spot, or the bill might not get paid…you can forget us talking about it then. We don’t want to talk about it….because if we’re honest with ourselves; WE DON’T REALLY BELIEVE THAT GOD IS GOOD, or that He is going to come through.

It’s easy to believe in things that you can see. But wouldn’t everyone have jumped on the arch with Noah, had it already been raining? @LauraPLytle

The Bible says that without faith, it is impossible to please God; and that faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains. So if faith as small as a mustard seed can do THAT, what would happen if we start believing God for greater and greater things?

What if we start speaking things into existence like God did in the beginning, instead of letting what we see or don’t see, become our existence? @LauraPLytle

What if we stopped putting time limits, on the plans ordained by The Author of Time? What if we got serious about believing and hoping for the greater things yet to come, and asked God to help us overcome our unbelief? What if rather than rolling our eyes at the things that our brothers and sister’s in the Body of Christ are believing for, we starting praying and cheering them on instead?

Last night, my #DearFutureHusband post read like this…

DearFutureHusband …it comes down to this: Either this is real, and it means EVERYTHING. Or it’s not real, and it means NOTHING. I refuse to leave any room for doubt to creep in. So I take every single thought captive, and I’ll say this…Even when I can’t see it, I believe in you…and I always will. Praying for you, Babe. You are so loved! ❤️L @LauraPLytle

Because despite the ominous giants of fear, rejection, and doubt; I made up my mind a long time ago…that I was going to believe God for His best for me in every single area. No matter how long it took, no matter who didn’t like it, no matter what the journey in between looked like, and no matter who did or didn’t believe with me. So when the fair-weather-followers dropped off on believing that God truly has an amazing future husband for me, I’ve kept believing…because it was never about them to start with. And when it seemed like it was taking too long….I kept believing, because it was never on my timeline to start with. And when God gave me a Word on who it was, and where I was supposed to be. I believed Him; instead of what I was feeling or seeing. I believed the truth in His Word; instead of the rejection, unbelief, and fear of my past experience. I embraced His redemption, grace, and mercy; instead of the shame, guilt, and condemnation that plagued my history. I accepted His Word, as my firm foundation…that the Blood of Jesus truly is enough. And because of that, I will not be shaken.

What if we embraced this same reality about our faith as a whole. What if we chose to say, “I’m going to believe God no matter what”! @LauraPLytle

What if we actually started to believe that God is Who He is; and that through the Blood of Jesus He has made us to be exactly who He says we are? What if it’s not just “ANOTHER #DearFutureHusband post” but the daily prayers that I pray over my future husband with them? What if things aren’t what they seem?….and aren’t just what we see?

What if we stopped letting our eyes tell our faith what to see….and started letting our faith give us sight and vision? @LauraPLytle

The Bible says that faith comes by hearing, and that is, hearing the Good News of Christ. I guess it’s no surprise that the spirits of fear and unbelief are plaguing our society. We’d rather read the bad news on our social media feeds, and try to imitate exactly what we see on the screen…than actually read an encouraging post about someone’s faith, or watch the journey of God’s redemption in a friend’s life. We’d rather stay back and be used and abused in toxic relationships, and stay comfortable in our conformity and dysfunction; than actually step out and believe God for more.

“Faith is the confidence that what we HOPE for will actually happen. It gives us assurance about things we cannot see.” But if we aren’t willing to step out and hope for anything, how can we have confidence that it will actually happen. How do we expect to see God move, if we’re not asking Him to move anything???

I assure you, that this isn’t about just ANOTHER #DearFutureHusband post. It’s a matter of life OR death. Faith OR unbelief. Either we believe God is good, OR we don’t. Either we want our bright futures, OR we want the past. Either we want to live, OR we want to die. We cannot have both. We cannot walk in fear and unbelief at the same time. Either this is real, and it means EVERYTHING; OR it isn’t real, and it means NOTHING. @LauraPLytle

So which is it? You decide.

“And they overcame him, by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony.”



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