Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

This morning, I was searching for something for Uncle Tom; and made another discovery in the process. I typed in Thomas J…and before I could get to the W, another very familiar name popped up. Thomas John William Mills, my first love from when I was 16. The page that I clicked on, was his…

The Thing I Value Most ( #LongPostAlert )

Many of you, as you read the story below…will remember the time you’ve spent with me. And I want to say thank you…because your time is the most valuable thing to me. You are taking time to read THIS blog, right now, out of billions of other things you could doing. Some of you have helped me out financially or otherwise, or bought me gifts too, and I am beyond grateful for that. But I don’t love any of your for your money, or what “you can do for me”.
I don’t ask everyone to hang out, or get coffee, or make me a significant part of their World. That would be absolutely exhausting! But, for those of you