Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

This morning, I was searching for something for Uncle Tom; and made another discovery in the process. I typed in Thomas J…and before I could get to the W, another very familiar name popped up. Thomas John William Mills, my first love from when I was 16.

The page that I clicked on, was his obituary. Apparently, Tommy passed away last summer while I was in Uganda. I hadn’t spoken to him in awhile. We lost touch for a couple years with him getting stationed different places, me getting married and divorced, and both of us moving around constantly. A few years ago, I found out he was back in Ohio and had also gotten married. So, out of respect for him and his wife, I didn’t contact him.

God has put him on my heart many times over the years, and each time I would just stop and pray for him, his wife, and his family.

In the light of everything else that has happened recently, you might think that finding Tommy’s obituary would send me over the edge. But it actually didn’t leave me with the same gut wrenching, breath taking, overwhelming grief that many recent events have. In fact, as soon as I saw the picture at the top, I smiled. Not because I am in any way glad that Tommy is gone, but that after all these years, the thought of him still only brings a smile to my face. I smiled because, his obituary described what sounded like a very nice life, with a beautiful family; and that’s what I had always hoped and prayed he would find.

Tommy wasn’t just my first love, he was my dear friend, and the only man who has ever loved me and actually knew what love was. He was patient, kind, selfless, forgiving, gentle, loyal, thoughtful, respectful, honest, constant, intentional, and brave. He had one of the kindest faces I’ve ever known. And though there’s a sadness knowing that I’ll miss seeing that face again (this side of Heaven); I’m incredibly blessed that I knew someone so worth missing, and that God gave me this little reminder of the kind of love that I deserve from the man I will marry. God is so, so good to me!

I’d love to hear how God’s been good to you, too! Comment below!

Until next time, I’m out.



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