“I’m allergic to boxes…I break out of them all the time.” -Unknown

I have been know to use this quote on many occasions. And those who know me well, would say that it describes me pretty well. I’m not a “yes” person, I don’t color inside of society’s lines, and

“Why would I ever want to be put in a box; when I serve a limitless God that can do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING!?!” @LauraPLytle

I’d love to tell you that there’s some type of formula, for becoming this type of individual…but that’s kinda the whole point. I’m not your average, cookie cutter, basic, millennial woman. I’m an individual, which means that God created the formula when He made me, and then threw out the recipe. So…

“The idea isn’t to find a formula on how to be me, or anyone else that you may be attempting to model after; it’s to ask God to show you the formula on how to be YOU.” @LauraPLytle

We live in an age, where people turn to Google for answers, more than they turn to God. Whatever you can think of, you just type it into that little search bar (yet another box), and have an answer. If your question doesn’t fit a predetermined, pre-established Google search, then Google kindly suggests something that you must’ve meant instead. Why? Because the only things that can be found on Google, are things that have already been said or done before. That’s great if you’re looking for directions, recipes, or reviews on a local restaurant. But nothing that you find there, is going to show you who you are, or what you’re supposed to be doing. The only One who can truly define you, or show you what your purpose is, is the One who created you for that purpose.

Back up a few years, and I didn’t understand this concept, either. I looked to Cosmo, TV, or fashion and beauty blogs; to measure my worth, and show me how to be the “best me”. I was a curvy, dark haired, olive skinned, green eyed woman; trying to figure out a way to become a skinny, blonde haired, pale skinned, blue eyed woman via a series of clicks and likes. Thousands of dollars, and a billion tears later, I found myself exhausted, feeling hopeless, and void of purpose. I was completely losing myself, trying to reach this impossible standard I had set for myself; one that God had never set for me. I was totally ignorant to the fact that the real me wasn’t found in any of those places; because my identity could only be found in Jesus.

Through a series of events (found in some of my previous blogs); several years ago I was delivered of multiple addictions, strongholds, and self hatred; and I began a beautiful dance with Jesus. He began to show me where those unrealistic expectations of myself stemmed from. Hurt from my past, was the root cause. As He took me back throughout my early teen years; I recalled instance after instance, that involved me always being rejected for, compared to, or losing someone that I cared about; to a skinny, blonde haired, pale skinned, blue eyed, girl. I was once even told after being dumped; that I just had to “understand the caliber of girl that SHE was.” Hearing those words translated to one thing for me. I wasn’t good enough, being me wasn’t ok, and I would always be less than those girls.

Thank God that when we renew our minds with His Word, He can literally change our mindsets, even from lifelong wrong perspectives. As I continued to allow Him to peel back layer, after layer of past hurts, failures, and rejections….and consistently allowed the Word to renew my mind; I began to see that He created me the way that I am on purpose, for a purpose. And that anyone who rejected me, wasn’t for me. What a freeing revelation!

Several years ago, I heard this quote:

“Maybe the reason that you don’t know what you’re supposed to do, is because God wants you to do something that Has never been done before.” -Lisa Bevere

The moment that I heard her speak those words, it unlocked something in me. I started having a peace that just being, was ok. That me is enough. And that authentic, real, me, is exactly who God intends to use in the plans that He has for ME. That when the more of me that He shows me, the more limitless His power working in my life becomes. That the closer I get to knowing fully who I truly am; the more I’m able to walk in what He has truly called me to do. He wasn’t waiting for me to reach the standard of what someone else thinks I should be. He had a raised a standard for me in my life, that only I can meet. And unlike the limiting standards that have kept so many of us bound for so long; living by God’s standards, and surrendering our lives completely to Him, is the only way to have true freedom.

“The World’s standards didn’t create me, God did. Society’s norms or opinions didn’t call me, God did. And I refuse to be limited by them, when I am seen, known, and loved; by the One, True, Limitless God.” -@LauraPLytle

Whose standards are you living for? Are you trying to be a second rate version of someone else, or the very best version of yourself? Will you be brave today, let go, and trust God to bring the very best in your life?

“A flower never thinks of comparing itself to the flower next to it; it just blooms.” -Zen Shin


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