The Meaning of Christmas

Last year, as I sat with my Mom on her death bed; I remember someone telling me to “Rely on my family to help me through it.” All that I could think in that moment, was “I don’t have a family.” For many reasons, in the natural, I was right. I hope that none of you will ever have to feel that way; but I know I’m not the only one. I didn’t have anyone to wear matching pajamas with, carry on traditions with, or even exchange presents with, today. I didn’t spend time with a single person that I share the same DNA with, today. I didn’t even see any of my church family, or my God-family, today. I wasn’t on anyone’s guest list, this side of Heaven. In the natural, no one wanted me.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I’m not writing this for anyone to feel sorry for me. Don’t send me some “Oh my gosh, if I would have known..” text. Or call me telling me how “important I am to you, it’s just that…you were with your family.” Just don’t. I’m not writing this for any of you, anyway.

This post is for the other people, who feel unwanted, who cried today, who’ve been rejected, or overlooked. because you felt alone. I’m writing this to tell you, that I understand.

This isn’t the first year that I’ve been in this very same spot. I used to sit and cry every single year. But this year, I decided to do something different. So today, I spent the day with someone else who didn’t have anyone. Instead of running to the tree looking for presents with my name on them …I made sure that there was a present for her to open. We ate good food, and talked. We celebrated Jesus’ birthday, together.

Again, don’t misunderstand me. I’m not looking for anyone to pat me on the back, either. Please redirect any glory to the only One who truly deserves it.

But, everyone keeps posting about how family is what Christmas is all about. Every time you turn on the TV, or scroll through social media, it’s “FAMILY, FAMILY, FAMILY.” and this isn’t to bash any of my relatives (many of which have passed away, or live far away), or anyone else who does have a great family to spend the holidays with. But while most of you are enjoying all this wonderful time with your families; there are thousands, maybe even millions of people, who don’t really have one. And I’m not in any way saying that you shouldn’t enjoy your families! In fact, I think family is amazing; and God willing, I look forward to having a family of my own, someday.

“But, if family is what Christmas is all about”, does that mean that Christmas has NO MEANING, to me, or others who spent this day alone? ABSOLUTELY NOT.” @LauraPLytle

THIS is a light, that I absolutely need to shine into the darkness; not to condemn those who are enjoying time with their families right now. But, to let the lonely, unwanted people of this World know that you don’t ever have to be alone. Immanuel means, God With Us. THAT IS WHAT CHRISTMAS IS REALLY ALL ABOUT.

God wanted you soooo much, that 2,000 years ago…He gave you the greatest gift of all time! He left His glory, and was born into this World as a human baby…just to be with YOU. #Jesus was born, to die for YOUR SINS. You were never an after thought, a charity case, a mistake, or a burden to Him. He willingly gave up everything, for You. He planned it out, so that you could always have a seat at His table…so that you can be adopted into His family. Now, I know that Jesus is ALWAYS with me. And you can have the very same assurance. You are seen, known, accepted and loved; by the Creator of all things. And He would absolutely love to meet with you tonight.

I will never understand why He blesses me so much on HIS BIRTHDAY, ( AND every other day for that matter) that He wants to spend it with me. But, I’m so thankful! Jesus is more than enough, to make every single Christmas the most Merry Christmas !!! And JESUS is what Christmas is all about! Happy Birthday Jesus!!!


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